You don’t need me to tell you what to think.

Out in the wilds of the Information Superhighway, there is some corporate shill that will tell you what to think. What to love. What to hate. Who to hate.

This is not that.

We’re companions, you and I. We’ve packed our bags and hit the tracks. I’m not 100% sure what hopping a boxcar is in this metaphor, but that’s what we’re doing. We might intersect the superhighway while we travel, but we will not be limited to it. We’ll travel together for a while and share what we see. And then, we’ll move on.

You’ll choose what you carry and what you leave behind.

The Bindlesack is an intermittent pamphlet designed to delight, amuse, and inform. It is written and published by Chris Miller. It is intended as a light diversion for your RSS reader or email box.

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